Sunday, July 22, 2012

Yesterday's wedding at Lido Beach Resort was a washout as far as the beach was concerned.  We started the ceremony on the sand under a beautiful arch only to have lightening send us indoors.  We tried to wait for the sky to clear, but it just didn't happen as the dark clouds and lightening persisted.  So we held the rest of the ceremony inside and had a great time.  When the ceremony was over, everyone was able to go to a covered alcove adjacent to the pool for the cocktail hour.

Can rain put a damper on a ceremony?  The answer is, "Yes, if you let it."  We had fun despite the change in plans.  I had many comments about how meaningful, heartfelt and delightful the ceremony was.  Mission accomplished...rain or shine!  Here's to many more sunny days than rainy days here in our Sarasota Paradise.  Rev. Georgeann Butler -

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